Aechmea Recurvata

Plant Uses Rockery Border. The zebra plant is distinguished by horizontal darker stripes across its leaves while the urn plant has solid silver-green leaves.

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Aechmea recurvata. Calculate Extra large plant delivery – Melbourne Metro – 8500 One or more of the items you have selected are extra large but dont worry we can still get the to your door with our experienced and trusted drivers. The two most common aechmea varieties include the A. For more information on our delivery charges and terms conditions please read our.

One vendor has this plant for sale. Rapidly clustering offsetting to form a soft porcupine hemisphere. The leaves have compact spines.

Tropicals and Tender Perennials. Bromeliad – Aechmea Recurvata Benrathii 100mm quantity field. Capitata Aechmea nudicaulis var.

And foliage turns bright pink when in flower. Stunning pink purple flowers. Fosters Favorite which is a lower growing.

Commonly used in tropical gardens. Bromeliad- Aechmea Recurvata Var. Effective when planted en masse beneath taller specimen trees.

AECHMEA RECURVATA AZTEC GOLD Believe It or Not By John Catlan Bromlink JulAug 1997 Aztec Gold is really the story of trying to produce a desirable plant by swinging the odds in the growers favour by manipulation of growing conditions. This species is native to Brazil. Common name Bromeliad Plant type Perennials Subtropicals.

Aechmea recurvata Hybrid – Glasshouse Works A very bold upright hybrid with tight clustered flowers of pink green. Other bromeliads include the A. Perfect for vivariums or even in the landscape especially nice in rock gardens.

Approximately 6 across at maturity. Benrathii – Air plant Drought-tolerant. Hide Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture Hohenbergia legrelliana Baker Aechmea legrelliana Mez.

Recurvata False Tillandsia – A epiphytic or sometimes terrestrial bromeliad that grows from sea level to 2000 feet in altitude in full or partial sun in southern Brazil Paraguay Uruguay and northeastern Argentina. One day in 1981 a friend of mine found a plant in a group of my Aechmea recurvata plants with a good clear yellow stripe on one of its leaves. Fasciata or urn plant.

Cuspidata Aechmea nudicaulis var. The variety benrathii differs from the type plant in having compact stature and very dark purple leaf bases that give the plant the appearance of being black at the base. 15cm h x 10cm w approx.

Read More Aechmea Smokey This is a cultivar of Aechmea nudicaulis. Benrathii One of the best Bromeliads for the garden grows terrestrially and is tolerant of full sun. Aechmea recurvata is a species of the genus Aechmea.

My plants are smaller so far. Benrathii is a rock dwelling species from Brazil. Tropicals and Tender Perennials.

We are based in Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast Australia and happy for you to pick up any itemsCheckout my many other items. Chantinii or zebra plant and the A. The foliage turns pink and red.

Aechmea recurvata cv Benrathii is a miniature version of Aechmea recurvata. Stiff serrated leaves grow in tight rosettes. Do not over waterSun to Partial Shade Light ShadeHeight 15-30 cm 1 Plant similar to photosWelcome to Our EBAY Store.

Aechmea recurvata x comata This plant is reported to grow to fourteen inches tall with a fist-sized spike of orange and yellow. This cultivar is very prolific easy to grow and has a beautiful purple inflorescence. Cuspidata forma tabuleirensis Aechmea nudicaulis.

Aechmea recurvata Red Leaf Form Ian Hook Sydney BSA 0404 from SBrazil bright light to full sun large flower head. Suitable for xeriscaping Average Water Needs. A compact evergreen plant consisting of a circular cluster of slender leaves that can be 30 – 60cm in height and 30 – 60cm in width.

Benrathii Read More Aechmea retusa Read More Aechmea roberto-seidelii Read More Aechmea smithiorum Large growing species Aechmea native to the Caribbean. All red central leaves AND bracts. 3 more photos VIEW GALLERY.

Aureorosea Aechmea nudicaulis var. Provenance type Identification status. Blumenavii which is upright and light green and the A.

6 more photos VIEW GALLERY. One member has or wants this plant for trade. Aequalis Aechmea nudicaulis var.

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