Borate Treated Lumber

Hi-bor brand borate pressure treated wood was developed to meet the special durability and termite protection needs of Hawaii. The material should be wrapped in a water-tight material during storage.

2 X 2 Treated Baluster Wood Balusters Lumber Coop

Treated wood is typically used in applications where it may be exposed to moisture for considerable periods.

Borate treated lumber. Borate treated wood is perfect for interior application to protect against termites carpenter ants and fungal decay. Treatment Levels Durability of Alkaline Copper Quat ACQ-Treated Lumber. Hi-bor Borate Pressure Treated Lumber is also recommended for fascia trim and miscellaneous wood applications when properly protected from the weather refer to limitations.

Wood that has been pressure treated with borate is only slightly more abrasive than untreated wood. Other forms as borate dust and foam can be injected into building structures to repel the pests. It protects wood against fungi and rotting and repels wood-eating pests such as termites and carpenter bees and ants.

Borate treated wood is resistant to insect attacks and fungal decay. Advance Guard dimension lumber is treated with sodium borate and SmartGuard sheathing siding and cellulose insulation is treated with zinc borate a form of the salt that doesnt diffuse as easily as others. Were confident ProWood Borate will perform and thats why its backed with a lifetime limited warranty against termites and rot.

Treated lumber used in construction is broadly categorized into Borate Non-Com non-combustible and Alkaline Copper Quat ACQ and other rot-resistant treatments. Most builders choose pressure-treated lumber for the structural. Borate Treatment for Lumber Deck Framing.

Approved lumber species are Southern Yellow Pine Douglas Fir Hem-Fir and Spruce-Pine-Fir. Borate wood preservatives are low-toxicity treatments used primarily on indoor wood that is protected from weather. As described in Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction Chapter Four Best Construction Guide for Building Decks and Porches.

That will help to preserve all these wooden structures from termite attacks. Hi-bor End Uses. Laboratory tests have shown that the treatment has no significant effect on the strength of wood.

Borate treated lumber is compatible with the same fasteners used for untreated woodcarbon steel galvanized steel copper and silicon bronzeso theres no need to spend extra on special fasteners. The beauty of borate is that it is derived naturally and is not harmful to the environment people or pets. A borate wood treatment is what is known as a biocide.

Hi-bor borate pressure treated lumber and plywood has lived up to expectations. Borate is a newer treatment process. Borate wood preservatives have been used to treat wood for interior construction including joists sheathing sill plates and other uses for over 70 years.

Sunbelts Borate termite treatment is a wood preservative for lumber. This in-cludes sill plates which are sometimes perceived as a problem for borates due to risk of high moisture exposure because they are in contact with damp concrete. Hi-bor Borate Pressure Treated Wood is accepted by Hawaii building codes major model building codes and it is supported by the ICC Legacy Report NER-648.

Field tests show that there is no significant borate leaching. Hi-bor Borate Pressure Treated Lumber is recommended for sill plate furring strips joists studs roof trusses blocking rafters beams and other framing applications. You can spray coat of paint with brush the house foundations and attic timber wooden surfaces.

It is suitable for interior and weather-shielded applications. In addition to these two new preservatives sodium borate SBX treated lumber is now being used for many interior applications. Borate solutions can be used differently for wooden structures.

Frame your entire house for the ultimate protection. What is Borate Treated Lumber. Borate wood preservatives are comprised of disodium octoborate tetrahydrate.

Present indications with roof trusses are that metal plant fasteners can be used with the treated wood without any significant problems arising. This zinc borate also functions as a flame retardant. Our borate pressure streated lumber and plywood is pressure-treated with a borate-based wood preservative Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate DOT that protects against Formosan and other termite species and fungal decay in dry interior applications.

Call or come in and speak to any one of. Introduced in 1992 Hi-bor Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate treated products have become Hawaiis building material of choice. Costs run about 30 percent higher than comparable building products.

Approved plywood species are Southern. All products shall be pressure treated in conformance with the Hi-bor Treating Manual. It provides permanent protection against Formosan and other termite species decay fungi and wood destroying insects in dry interior applications.

Boratetreated wood is used for applications inside the moisture resistant layer of the building envelope in other words inside the building paper or housewrap. Increased Corrosion Potential for ACQ and Copper Azole-Treated Lumber.

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