Cast Iron Black Residue

While the black coating comes from seasoning the skillet the black residue may be due to an unseasoned skillet burnt oil or stuck food. I dont buy new cast iron but I see the black stuff shown in your last photo after I have taken crusty old cast iron out of a lye bath and then cleaned it off as well as I can with a brush.

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I purchased a 10 Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet 3 months ago and have maintained it very carefully.

Cast iron black residue. Dish Soap Kosher Salt. This happens because of the poor seasoning of the pan. No its totally a wrong decision.

Using soap and salt to clean cast iron pans is a traditional method the soap acts as a degreaser and the salt is the abrasive. Ive wanted one for a long time for frying eggs. You purchased a new cast iron skillet and are excited to use it.

Charred food from previous meals. However when you wipe its base you realize an accumulation of black residue on your piece of cloth. The only negative thing that can come from the black residue on cast iron is that it may affect the taste of your food.

The residue is normally a result of an unseasoned skillet. Whenever people cook on a cast iron pan and experience food turning into black residue they must instantly stop. Hence if there is a black residue on food then it must be time to change your cast iron.

Proper measures must be taken to re-season the pan to avoid this in the future. How it accumulates and what causes it depends on the skillets age and usage. How to Re-Season a Cast Iron Pan.

I only wash with a stiff brush and only hot water which is what the company recommends. Ive worked and worked with oven cleaner metal brushes steel wool straight razor scrapers and the like. A black seasoned coating shouldnt rub off easily or affect the food as it should form a useful non-stick surface for cooking.

Dealing With Black Residue On Cast Iron Over time your cast iron may begin to have a build-up of black stuff or there may be black flakes coming off your cast iron do not freak out. It isnt anything toxic or scary. Today I used my cast iron skillet to bake a few pizzas at 550 degrees F plus.

I have 5 cast iron skillets and a Dutch oven with zero removable cooking debris and I still get a dirty towel when I wipe them down to start the seasoning process. It is just built up carbon from the oils and food youve prepared in your skillet. It came fully seasoned.

The patina is a dull dark grey for the most partlovely to look at but still dirty. The black residue on cast iron skillets is not harmful but it can compromise the taste of your food. The black specks may harm the appeal of your food but the small amount of carbon residue is not considered harmful in itself.

Most likely the black residue is charred greasy food sticking to the seasoned oil. Otherwise it could be related to the iron in the cast iron which isnt bad for you some say even good. I always clean with hot water no soap scrub with a nylon brush dry and apply an oil coat while the pan is still warm.

This black residue is merely an accumulation of charred food or burnt oil from previous meals. My eggs still get black specs on them. It can also be caused by several factors such as the following.

The thick oil layer gets burnt-on formed black residues on the cast iron skillet. That cast iron black residue is basically carbon deposits created from the overheating of oil or fats or bits of burnt food that collect in the pores of the pan and are disturbed during the cooking process. If residue starts to build up however this can affect your cooking.

Despite this it is not toxic or dangerous. It may also be from a skillet that you have been using for some time. You can use a paper towel for this thin smearing.

The black residue on a cast iron skillet isnt harmful. It is when manufacturers decide. Thats why to take 2 teaspoons of drying oil thinly smear it on the whole pan.

Its just a part of cooking with a cast iron pan. The main reason of the black residue over the cooked food is the skillet being used for cooking without proper seasoning. Moreover repeat the same procedure 2 to 3 times to get a well-seasoned pan.

Bmorecupcake Jul 29 2012 0557 AM 16. Generally cast iron skillets are unseasoned and therefore come in grey or silver color. The black continues to come off when I oil it and remove the oil right before first seasoning when the iron is still raw.

Black ashy residue coming off cast iron skillet. Every time I even dry this pan My paper. When food is cooked in cast iron skillet people find the cooked food getting a black residue on it.

This should normally take a few hours. To clean the black residue on cast iron skillets using this method simply place the cast iron skillet upside down in the oven turn the self cleaning cycle on and leave it until the cycle has finished. You may notice the black residue if you fry eggs in the pan as well.

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Since Flaxseed oil has low heat tolerance it could be that disintegrating too. It could also be due to the manufacturers seasoning. I purchased a cast iron frying pan dont yell at me at Wal-mart.

I was leaving oil in it just lightly spread around with a paper towel.

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