Gas Fireplace Pilot Light On But Wont Start

Choose white and you will possess an impeccable fireplace completing as its unique and refined. The pilot light flame must hit the thermocouple correctly or the voltage the thermocouple generates may not be enough to operate the main gas valve while it is enough to keep the pilot light lit.

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In most cases the fix is something as its possible that excess moisture may have gotten into your gas line causing the pilot light to malfunction.

Gas fireplace pilot light on but wont start. To troubleshoot the common problems of a gas fireplace not staying lit. If the gas fireplace pilot light will not stay lit troubleshooting common problems can usually fix this issue. This is another relatively small piece of your fireplace that converts heat to electricity ultimately opening up the gas valve when you turn on the fireplace.

Often times a pilot light wont turn on resulting in absolutely zero flames happening in your fireplace. Gas Fireplace Pilot Light On But Won T Ignite. Press the gas control knob down with your thumb until it stops.

Worthen adds that spiders and other insects often lay nests inside pilot tubings in rural areas. Has the pilot light on your Heat Glo fireplace gone out. If you have an electronic ignition unit using your remote control simply press the on button and the pilot will re-ignite within a few seconds followed by the fireplace a few seconds after that.

From your gas meter check the drip loop for excessive moisture. Gas fireplace pilot light on but wont start Tile fireplaces are another of many fireplace designs you will discover. If you can n.

Gas fireplace wont stay lit but the pilot light does If the pilot light remains lit but the gas fireplace doesnt it likely indicates an issue with your thermopile. Press the ignition button repeatedly until the pilot lights. If gas is coming out of the pilot but it still wont light the spark igniter could be the problem.

The first place to start when your pilot light is on but youre still not getting a flame is with your breakers and fuses in a modern home. We suggest people in rural areas leave their pilot lights on for this reason Worthen says. The ceiling-height fireplace will certainly stand out and also.

Check the drip loop for moisture. In the final end a faux fireplace is currently quite simple create. Another common issue with ignition is a dirty pilot light orifice caused by a buildup of soot and dirt.

Gas Fireplace Wont Light FIXEDSimple Steps To Get Your Fireplace Going Again To Warm Your HomeDIY and saveIF MY ADVICE HAS HELPED YOUPLEASE CL. If you have successfully re-lit your pilot light ensured that the orifice is clean and the fireplace still refuses to ignite there could be an issue with the thermopile thermocouple or wiring. Not sure where to look to try and debug this issue i have no idea why the pilot wouldnt stay lit but turning everything off seems to have fixed it.

Resetting Your IPI System Need to reset your IntelliFire Plus Ignition System. When the gas fireplace pilot light goes out make sure that your pilot head is screwed or clipped to the burner pan. This allows the pilot flame to heat the thermocouple.

Dont worry Heat Glo provides helpful step-by step directions for relighting your pilot light. Once the pilot is lit hold the pilot valve in for 60 seconds. With the gas on push in and hold the pilot valve while igniting the pilot light.

Alleyne says to look for and clear out any debris between the igniter and thermocouple. There are several forms of electric fireplaces. A pilot light that doesnt glow blue is also a problem as this means it is not getting hot enough.

Re-lighting pilot lights is straightforward on todays modern gas fireplaces. One of the biggest problems associated with gas fireplaces is related to the pilot light. Once the pilot light is lit I hold the button for the recommended 30 seconds and then turn the knob to the on position.

Try adjusting the pilot light so that it more directly hits the thermocouple check for clogged holes in the gas supply for the pilot as the previous poster found to be his problem. Replacement piezo sparker httpamznto2e03wZ3As always shut off the gas before you do any repairs and if you smell gas let it clear first. To turn the burner on I have to push turn the knob counter clockwise to the pilot position and then push the igniter to spark the pilot.

If the logs light and stay lit that proves that you have a supply of fuel and that the jets in the fire logs are not plugged by carbon build-up. On the other hand placing it too far away will cause a large poof of a flame whenever you want to turn it on. Keep your fireplace on a single breaker if at all possible.

Wait 30 seconds before you release the gas control knob. Pilot light systems are the most common reason gas fireplaces fail to light according to Justin Worthen outside coordinator of Alpine Fireplaces. If its too close to the burner youll burn it out.

Rotate the knob that controls the gas to the left or counterclockwise until its indicator points to the PILOT position. Gas Fireplace Repair Won T Work Start Or Light. For common valves you should unscrew the cap screw completely.

If gas is reaching the fireplace but it still wont light the next step is to light the gas jets on the gas logs manually following the manufacturers instructions. One of the most common problems when a fireplace is not on a loan breaker is overloaded circuitry.

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