Gas Fireplace Smells Like Chemicals

No odor except for a little of the gas smell but not bad. We had a gas fireplace in our previous home.

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I removed the logs and left the fire on and no such smell occurs so I assume it must be coming from the logs when they are heated.

Gas fireplace smells like chemicals. Also my windows were open last time I ran it for 8 more hours to try and break it in – and the smell stayed for a day after once I turned it off. New gas fireplace logs typically have a break-in period during which they can smell strongly. Gas fireplace smells like chemicals.

During the break in period of your wood burning stove you may notice a chemical smell which can be a result of the paint curing on your stove as its being used the first couple of times. Other things that can cause more persistent gas fireplace odors include. Last year however it started giving off a chemical smell – not gas or rotten egg smell – but a smell that gave me a terrible headache.

Gas Fireplace Odor Are you concerned about the odor being emitted from your gas fireplace. We had a gas fireplace in our previous home. When burned methyl mercaptan has an odor similar to burnt matches and rotten eggs.

Not a gas smell and not necessarily a burning smell. As a result of this combination fireplaces will emit a kerosene odor when burning within a vent-less environment. We have a new Majestic direct vent natural gas fireplace.

Odors like kerosene burning hair burning plastic or rotten eggs can not only be unpleasant but they could be dangerous. Keep using your stove to complete the. This happens a lot with gas fireplaces – they have a burning metallic smell which drives some folks crazy.

More than one person has gotten head aches and bruning eyes. Let your fireplace completely cool before you light it again. Strange smells coming from your fireplace could be from something that got stuck in the flue so if you think thats the case turn your fireplace off ventilate the house and call a professional if you cant spot and dislodge the obstruction.

Sometimes we have been able to burn the. It drives my wife crazy. Burn your fireplace for three hours to completely burn off any debris.

The odor is smells so toxic we do not operate when we are in the home. When it comes to gas appliances you should always be aware of any lingering smells. Ventless logs are required to have an ODS oxygen depletion system and its a great idea to install a CO2 detector nearby.

And although gas fireplace inserts are safer than wood-burning fireplaces its crucial to maintain and service them regularly. All service people agree that it is a problem and are stumped. After burning it at least 30 hours continuously it is still emitting terrible chemical odor.

This will go away after the first three or four hours of use and is not cause for concern. 16 not that it smells really like bleach but if gas water heater or furnace smell at the exhaust flue on roof or outdoors if direct-vent unit just a few sniffs – dont do for long and suffocate yourself or pass out to smell if it is exhaust smell from those appliances – if so you may have a backdrafting vent hood at the unit or a flue leak. Carbon Monoxide is supposed to be odorless – this smells like a terrible chemical.

Its A Fact Ventless. Is there a way to get rid of the smell short of. Your fireplace should never smell like a gas leak.

If CO was coming in the house wouldnt the CO detector go off. When vent-less logs burn in a fireplace natural gas additives burn along with the gas. Pet hair dander or dust.

Whether a gas fireplace is brand new can also cause smells as certain chemicals burn off when first used and may be mistaken for a problem with the fireplace. Although you may be concerned that you smell gas there is a strong possibility you just smell factory chemicals or paint. The odor begins with in 3 minutes of turning on the unit and quickly fills the house with an obnoxious headache inducing odor.

Barbecue then some smells like a terrible headache inducing odor when we feature incredibly durable construction yet perfectly match the washer and welcome to narrow down when youre using vented propane or odd smell it must be diluted it is caused by impurities in our realistic appearance. The fireplace I have is a direct vent type. Second I have a ventless gas fireplace that when we use we get overpowered with smell.

If you feel you have a leak turn of the gas leave the building and call the gas company. It produced a burning dust smell for 30 minutes at the start of the winter season. In my experience these smells have usually come from dust and other things which settled around the stove in the off-season.

Every time we have a fire the fireplace emits a strange odor. Although you may think it smells like gas chances are it is factory chemicals including paint. It produced a burning dust smell for 30 minutes at the start of the winter season.

More of a chemical odor. Im dealing with the gas fireplace smell from a Lennox insert vented through the chimney on natural gas. Majestic CDVR33 Natural Gas After burning it at least 30 hours continuously it is still emitting terrible chemical odor.

This is perfectly normal for any stove and if youre noticing a chemical smell from your new wood burning stove then there shouldnt be anything to worry about. You may smell an odor from your modern gas fireplace if it is a brand-new unit and this is its first use. The odor is smells so toxic we do not operate when we are in the home.

Watch the video to learn about what causes these odors and effective tips for getting rid of them. The best we can describe it is like seasoning a cast iron skillit but not exactly–hot oily metal. It does not take a lot of.

The smell isnt consistant. If a gas fireplace hasnt been cleaned or serviced within the last year then this may be a possible cause for a gas fireplace smelling. If you have a brand new fireplace it is very common to smell odors coming from your fireplace during your first use.

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