How To Hang Grow Lights

When other lighting systems need large ballast as well as a cooling system LEDs are free of it. Basically on these holes youre going to attach a joist from which your grow lights will be hung.

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Lights need to be hung level.

How to hang grow lights. Request a Commercial Grow Light Plan. Hang the grow light a few inches higher if the light is powerful or a few inches lower if its not too powerful. But beyond the grow light manual many other factors play.

Use the rope ratchet to raise or lower the grow light to a. Click the button and fill out our form to get started. Read the manufacturers recommended hanging height.

Its best to use fixtures that can be easily adjusted and repositioned as the plants mature and grow taller. Generally speaking LED grow lights can be kept at 24-26 inches during the seedling phase of growth first 3 weeks and 18-22 inches during the vegetative and flowering phases. A common question about using grow lights is how high to hang them above plants.

Create a uniform pattern before you even hang the first light. Run the lights too high power or place the lights too close and you can damage the plant. As you begin planning to hang your grow lights well be here to help.

A common method is to use eye bolts and clevises or something similar. With the proper hanging height these reflectors can effectively cover a 2×4 all the way through a 4×4 grow area. Connect the loops two arms from the hanger two by two and connect each set of two loops to one end of a ratchet.

The first step is easy. When you are learning to hang your grow lights correctly you will want to. Features of LED Grow Lights.

Now that you have identified and marked the places where you are going to drill holes to get the grow lights hung from you can begin to drill pilot holes into the ceiling. If you need to adjust the height of the. For more powerful HID systems you will want to have them between 48 and 62 above the plants.

Two of the most common methods are-Using adjustable light ratchets-Using a wire hanging kitIn this video I talk. They can be secured directly to the ceiling of the greenhouse or grow room as well. Next hang the grow light system from the supported ends onto the rope ratchet hanger.

Fully understand the proper height for your grow lights. Grow tents have varying degrees of reflective material designed to bounce light back into the plant area. Usually its recommended to hang high-output LED lights at least at foot or higher over plants.

So here are some of the essential features of LED grow light. There was the claim that plants can. If they are too close LED lights can and will burn your plants known as light burn and akin to a human sunburn.

I have seen lights hung by chains cables or ropes. Proximity to reflective or light absorbing materials will also come into play. Underpower or hang them too high and you miss out on the highest possible yields and potency.

While you are using an LED grow light you should know the features of it. At this point your grow light system will be suspended in midair and will likely require a bit of adjustment. Getting the combination of factors right promotes healthy growth bountiful harvests and minimizes damage.

The intensity or distance between your plants and LED lights is crucial to the health of your grow. The optimal light height or OLH is between 30-50cm above the plant canopy. There are several ways to hang the grow light without even ratchets or a hook.

There are several ways to hang a grow light. Grow light distance seeks to wash the canopy with as much light at the highest intensity possible without burning or otherwise damaging the plants. They can be around five inches or so away from the plants.

Create a grow light plan that will help to provide optimal lighting. Guide the ratchet around the top frame of your grow tent. Enough said lets get growing.

When youre ready to start your grow light plan our team can get you going quickly and reliably. A good rule of thumb is to place the less powerful HID lighting systems about 24 to 36 above the plants. You can hang a panel of circular or square or any other shape above plants.

This means carefully fastening the reflector to the ceiling or roof of the grow tent with either easy roll hangers or rope ratchets. Use two ratchets and connect two loops two arms from the metal hanger to each of the ratchets. Those who are using fluorescent grow lights can keep them closer to the plants.

Our light planning specialists are experienced with all types of lighting environments.

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