How To Start A Poulan Chainsaw

Gauge the fuel levels. If all the solutions above still dont result in a fully functional Poulan chainsaw you may need to seek help from PoulanThe brand offers a 1-2 year warranty for their chainsaws so you want to take advantage of this service if you encounter defects.

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Page 9 S Squeeze and hold throttle trigger.

How to start a poulan chainsaw. You will be able to operate the chainsaw after losing your chainsaws chain brake. Anyways enough of this chit chat here are some. If the engine sounds as if it is trying to start before the 10th pull.

So if your saw doesnt get a start check out the following potential complications. This simple diagnostic repair plan lets you identify the faulty mechanism replace or repair it and start buzzing again using tools you already have in your tool box. Do not get anxious because almost all possible issues have a solution.

Check the fuel lines for corrosion and decay. Thumb press fast idle lock down. It should automatically lock the throttle in the starting position.

Nothing except to say my dad was pretty handy with a chainsaw. Before we get into it make sure you have fresh petrol in your engine. H-high adjustment L-low adjustment I- idling.

You should push the choke to half position and pull the rope to start the engine. Then get a 26 ounces fresh oil. Poulan chainsaw with starting issues.

The engine will fire up and allow about 30 seconds for the engine to warm up. Once it has completed its warm up squeeze the trigger and then immediately release it so that the engine begins to idle. Your Poulan chainsaw may fail to start if its filters are dirty.

In 1912 by chainsaw pioneer Claude Poulan. The first thing you want to do is be sure to place the chainsaw on a flat surface such as the ground. You can go ahead and start using your chainsaw after releasing the chain brake or release the trigger to turn off the engine.

Activate the choke by moving the lever to the full choke position and pull the starter rope 3 or 4 times to start the engine. Start by checking the air filter remove the filter from beneath the cylinder cover and clean it with hot soapy water. Why Your Poulan Chainsaw Wont Start- Ultimate Direction.

How the Carburettor is Linked to Starting in a Chainsaw The carburettor determines the fuel that mixes with air before entering the engine. Purchased in late fifties or early sixties by the Beaird Company also of Shreveport it was known as Beaird-Poulan. Also See for 330 380.

Remove the spark plug with the wrench. Remove the bar cover if you havent already. If you are in a situation where your Poulan chainsaw wont stay running relax.

Is not available use a good grade SAE 30 oil. If it is take all the gas out and put it in a safe place. He had a green Poulan and as a kid it just seemed the coolest thing in the world.

After that the chainsaw will start and wait for about 30s to warm. If that doesnt work move the choke lever to half choke and pull the starter rope 6 times maximum. Then re- POULAN or POULAN PRO bar and chain oil lease throttle trigger.

Poulan was originally an independent American company based in Shreveport Louisiana founded as Poulan Saw Co. If the throttle trigger is squeezed during starting it will be necessary to reset the fast idle lock. Simple carb clean and trimming the fuel line and it is back to action.

How to Troubleshoot a Poulan Chain Saw That Wont Start Remove the three screws on the chain saws face plate. If youve got an old mixture of oil and gas thats older than a month it will be harder for. Try to start the chainsaw after priming the carburetor.

Clean oil and clean gas are helpful to start a stubborn chainsaw. Adjusting any of the screws wrongly may. Replace the spark plug and try to start the chain saw.

Correct Starting Procedure You must set the choke to the FULL position when starting your Poulan chain saw cold. It works with three adjustment screws. The next important step — which is surprisingly easy to overlook — is to set the switch to the ON position.

Finally allow the chainsaw to warm up usually for about 30 seconds. Check if the container has gas. S Pull the starter rope quickly with your right hand a maximum of 10 times.

Rinse it with cool water and allow it to dry completely before reinstalling. This will allow you to begin cutting and working with the chainsaw as needed. You must press the chuck halfway and draw the cord to start up the engine.

Activate Chain Brake The next thing you want to do is activate the chain brake found on the top handle by pushing forward on it. With resists high temperature thinning. Squirt starting fluid into the spark plug hole.

Troubleshoot The Starting Problems. Poulan chain saw instruction manual. Inspect the fuel filter.

When your Poulan Chainsaw begins and stops after five jerks. Then pro- ceed to the next step. Next identify the problem.

Repairing your Poulan chainsaw can be easy if you know what youre looking for. After a proper diagnosis you can move forth and fix the problem. Tips on starting a flooded chainsaw.

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