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Plants are about 6 feet tall and produce high quantities of deep yellow sixteen to twenty four ounce fruits that can really be used for many things. The KBX won hands down for me.

Kbx Kellogg S Breakfast X Tomato Tomato Breakfast Tomato Vegetables

Your patience will be rewarded by a good yield of LARGE light yellow tomatoes with a very slight pink blush on the bottom end.

Kbx tomato. Even took a 1st place prize with it in a Pittsburgh tomato event. Would like to save the seed. Heinz 1350 is a productive garden variety with concentrated fruit set and excellent qualities as a processing tomato for canning or cooking.

Great-tasting orange fruits with well balanced sweet flavor and excellent tomato aroma grow to 300-600 g. Large dark-pink slightly flattened tomatoes that grow to 1-pound and have intensely lucious sweet flavors. KBX tomato is meaty big and sweet.

Required fields are marked Your rating Your review Name Email Related products. Developed by the H. I like a tomato with some zip to it and the KBX delivered that plus it had the same good looks of the KB.

Round fruits average 6 to 8 oz are uniform ripening and have good crack resistance. Some years it doesnt set. In 2008 I got KBX seed from gardenmama too.

500 gram fruit with amazing fruity flavour ripen to apricotmango orange in early September. We are proud to offer heirloom varieties from around the globe and only the best. _____ Barbee January 5 2009 3.

I do have a couple of KBX plants that are acting weird though. We have won awards for our KBX tomato in competition. Also known as Kelloggs Breakfast Cross or Kelloggs Breakfast Potato Leaf as KBX stands for K Kelloggs B Breakfast and X cross.

Im growing them again this year along with KBX which I believe is related. The selection was conducted since 2003 from. His all time favorite is Kelloggs Breakfast.

An indeterminate productive variety from the USA with potato leaves. After a three week germination period and a trying summer I ended up with beautiful plants and a bountiful supply of gorgeous fruits. Kellogs breakfast was by far my favorite slicing tomato last year.

Theyre both making beautiful plants and Ive picked some wonderful 1-1 12 pound tomatoes off them. I have grown this one for many years and its still at the top of my list of favorites. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

Although we are still waiting on tasting it hasnt produced much there are only a couple of tomatoes sitting on two plants. It is a great selection as a main crop for tomato vendors. Lycopersicon lycopersicum KBX Family.

They made huge strong plants but. Be the first to review KBX Tomato Cancel reply. 0 more photos VIEW GALLERY.

Vegetable Seed Index Tomato Seed Index Tomato – KBX. They also add to the rainbow in a tomato salad or flavor and visually are breathtaking. Mid-Late Season 16 oz Fruits Indeterminate Low Acidity Bursting With More Sweet Flavor Overall Great Fruit For Everything Sandwich Canning Etc.

Soldacki Heirloom Tomato Seeds. Is the new KBX version of the Kellogs Breakfast tomato still Open Pollinated or did they mess around with it and turn it into a hybrid. 7 rows Tomato KBX Lycopersicon lycopersicum.

A tomato from Krakow Poland. Selected and introduced by Martha Hufford USA. Mild and not too acidic with some earthy notes and an almost vaguely dijon-like tease to my taste buds that made it intriguing on the palate.

He asks me to grow it every year. This year Im growing the potato leaf version KBX tomato. These maters get.

The tender flesh can be prone to bruising and it is on the thinner-skinned end but its taste is flavorful. One of my favorites and being a potato leaf makes it even better. Its not very impressive so far this year.

My husband is the tomato lover and I grow the slicing tomatoes for him. Solanaceae Potato leaf indeterminate late season. Great tasting tomato that I have to grow every year.

Gorgeous beefsteaks with no cracking and no mealy flesh. Sachet Zip lock 12 – 15 SEEDS. 2 Not available.

Uniform ripening and disease resistant. This year Im growing KBX. I should know the answwer to this question but I dont.

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I couldnt tell any difference between KBX and Kelloggs Breakfast. For tomato aficionados looking for a new challenge KBX is delicious huge and exotic. Kelloggs Breakfast Potato Leaf Tomato 325 SKU.

5575 Better known as KBX this is the potato-leaf version of Kelloggs Breakfast which was propagated by Martha Hufford after she found them mixed in with her regular Kelloggs Breakfast plants. Productive plants are resistant to low temperatures. Your email address will not be published.

Know also as Kelloggs Breakfast Cross. KBX -10 Organically grown seeds This is a potato leaf version of Kelloggs Breakfast tomato. Many uses for these tomatoes Introduced 1963.

This spontaneous mutation from Kelloggs Breakfast regular leaf.

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