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Although the Lila is a semi dwarf variety Reaches only 10-15FT it produces a strong harvest with outstanding tasting avocados. It can grow to 6 metres high but I would keep it pruned to about 4 metres.

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Great source of Vitamins CEK.

Lila avocado. When planning a home orchard consider the cultivar and flower type like Lila avocado type A or B flowers — Lila is a Mexican cultivar with A-type flowers. Hass bears fruit 150 to 200g in weight. Some older trees can reach larger sizes but the Lila Avocado is quite small for an avocado tree.

The Lila Avocado Tree will reach a mature size of about ten feet tall and can be kept even smaller by pruning. West Indies rootstocks are particularly vigorous but because they are cold-sensitive in areas prone to frost trees should be grafted low and planted out in the ground with the graft union buried. The fruits of this cold hardy tree which reaches heights of 10 to 15 feet with proper care have a rich pleasant taste and a high oil content ripening July – September.

About the Author Brendan Mackay Q 4th October. Lila has a rich Mexican Avocado flavor. Lila The name Lila came from a large commercial nursery that propagated this variety and renamed it.

It grows to about 10 feet tall at maturity with a reported cold hardiness of 14-15 F once e. Avocados Persea spp grow in US. Some of it got singed but that was all.

Opal Lila The Opal variety originates in Texas. Lila Avocado Update. Most of the other B-types are.

It produces medium-sized green fruits with a creamy flavor that are slightly larger than most of the Mexican types. The fruits are medium size rich high oil content dark green smooth and enjoyable in taste. Zone 10 SW Florida.

Do You Need Two Avocado Trees to Reproduce. Very product plant. Taste of Linda is rated great.

My brother has one and its growing like mad. Lila Avocado Update. The remarkable Lila Avocado tree is unique because the tree is a semi dwarf variety that produces excellent fruit.

Lila Avocado Update. Heres why you need a Lila Avocado. Each of these avocado varieties is described more below including the temperatures theyre known to be tolerant of.

Most-Cold Hardy Avocado Varieties Joey Bacon Opal aka Lila Pryor aka Fantastic Mexicola Grande Wilma Brazos Belle and Brogdon. We have a Lila and it has done great here in Lecanto Fl just southwest of Ocala and East of Crystal River Fl. Read 7820 times edzone9.

LILA Cold hardy to 15 Lila has a smooth textured flesh with a rich nutty flavor and tastes like an avocado should It produces a medium sized pear shaped fruit about 6. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 9 through 11 where they often serve as shade trees. There are lila AND lula avocados.

The Lila Avocado is a semi-dwarf Mexican variety avocado tree. Lila – Lila avocado trees bear a medium-sized pear-shaped fruit in the early spring season. Avocado trees thrive in US.

Bill Schneider in Texas has found that West Indies types are more tolerant of the saline soils. Dont confuse this variety with Lula which is popular in Florida and used for rootstock that one is cold hardy to only 25F. Due to its smaller size and ability to prune even smaller it makes it an excellent container plant in more northern.

Lila Avocado Tree Semi Dwarf Variety. Lila Avocado Medium sized pear shaped fruit. The fruit ripens from September to October.

We have had it for 4 years and it has gone through some pretty good cold temperatures here especially year before last. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 11. The Linda avocado is a type B and can bear fruit up to 600g in ideal conditions which is very large.

I Planted this 15 Gal Lila Avocado Few Month Ago While In THE Pot Was Healthy As Soon As It went into the ground it wilted a week after. Before deciding if you need a second avocado tree to. Wonderful addition to your existing landscape or even a gorgeous potted plant indoors and experience fresh harvest at your fingertips.

Previous next Print. Beautiful Stately indoor plants that will produce fresh fruits lush green foliage. One of the Super- Semi Dwarf varieties that produce fresh creamy goodness.

June 14 2013 064927 PM Hello Gang. Mexican variety avocado cultivars can be propagated by grafting onto seedlings of any type of avocado. You can buy a grafted Lila tree 4 to 5-feet tall with care instructions from A Natural Farm and.

Lila is a genetic clone of Opal and is considered to be the second most cold hardy of all Mexican avocado varieties.

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