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This pure carbon is first heated and pressurized using our own HPHT High Pressure High Temperature machines. Turning Ashes Into Diamonds The Process Diamonds Available Costs FAQs For Pets Jewelry Available Cremation Diamond Companies Over the years Ive spoken about a lot of memorials and what you can do with ashes.

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Diamond making Once your pet is cremated you can take some of the ashes and turn them into memorial diamonds.

Pet ashes to diamonds. Ashes to diamonds is a meaningful way to remember a beloved dog cat or other pet. The larger your diamond the. Losing a beloved furry friend can be incredibly difficult to deal with.

They can even be made from hair clippings alone. How is a Pet Memorial Diamond Created. It is comfort and support when and where you need it.

In Australia pet ashes to diamonds is becoming an increasingly popular way to preserve the memory of a beloved pet and continue to share them with others. Ashes to diamonds service is available at our Sydney office. But probably the most interesting is turning ashes into diamonds.

Saint Diamonds creates cremation diamonds from the ashes of your beloved pet. Also known as cremation diamonds are lab grown diamonds created from the cremated ashes or fur of your beloved departed pet. A Memorial Diamond made from hair or ashes is the most beautiful and everlasting way to bid farewell to your loved one.

The end result is a real diamond of almost any shape or color that has all the hardness and beauty of a mined diamond. The process isnt specific to mainstream pets like cats and dogs either. Compared to traditional types of burials the Memorial Diamond is a very personal monument of mourning remembrance and joy.

They are part of your heart. Pets ashes into diamonds. Your Personal Memorial.

Today increasing mobility and globalization often complicate the regular visits to and the maintenance of a grave. The LifeGem is a certified high-quality diamond created from the ashes or fur of your precious pet as a memorial to their unique life. LONITÉ based in Switzerland offers you the possibility to turn your pets ashes into beautiful everlasting diamonds.

The process takes anywhere from 3 to 18 months and they promise 999 pure carbonLonite requires 200 grams of ashes or 10 grams of hair to create a memorial diamond and they create diamonds ranging in size from 025 carats to 20 carats. A time period of about two months is needed to transform the carbon from your pets ashes into a finished lab-grown diamond. Turn your dogs ashes to diamonds and your friendship will last forever.

Call us at 02 8317 3356 to order memorial diamonds from ashes in Australia. When we turn pet ashes into diamond this unique memorial is made from carbon extracted from cremation remains or from the fur or feathers of your loyal companions. Swiss LONITÉ turns loved ones cremation ashes into diamonds.

Embrace your loved ones memory day by day. They are grown using a lab grown application process within a high pressure high temperature HPHT machine first purifying the cremated remains ashes to extract the carbon left within. We have taken this one step further creating diamonds from peoples and pets asheshair.

Our cat or doggy is more than just a pet domestic animal or mans best friend. A LifeGem diamond provides comfort and support when and where you need it. Lab created diamonds can be made from the ashes Carbon of cremated family members or pets.

When they pass turn your dogs remains or cats ashes to diamonds to celebrate your friendship. It is a way to embrace their memory day by day. The memorial diamond creation process begins with the extraction of carbon from cremated remains coat or feathers.

It doesnt matter if it is a cremation or burial it only takes a small amount. The LifeGem diamond can also be made from the carbon in a lock of hair. On top of everything else you need to figure out what to do with your pets body.

The LifeGem is a certified high-quality diamond created from the ashes of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life. Pet ashes to diamond also known as cremation diamonds or memorial diamonds are lab grown diamond created from the cremated remains of fur of your pet. Horses rabbits and even rodents can be made into cremation diamonds.

Pet cremation diamonds can be made from the remains of almost all animals including dogs. PetDogs Ashes to Diamonds Heart In Diamond can create a unique cremation gem to honor your pets memorywhether you lost a feline friend a dog bird or other animal pal. Once it is done growing your red yellow blue pink brown green or colourless gem is then cut and polished by an experienced diamond polisher.

The duration of the growing phase within the HPHT machine determines the size of the diamond. For more information about LONITÉ cremation diamonds in Australia download our catalogue here below. Depending on the company you choose pet memorial diamonds can start around 695 for a tenth of a carat diamond.

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