Plants That Grow Fast Indoors

These plants have beautiful foliage are known to remove many toxins from indoor air and they will even bloom indoors. This plant has relatively higher maintenance needs compared to most of the houseplants on this list.

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Some of the common types include Boston Fern also known as Sword Fern Kangaroo Paw Fern Asparagus Fern and Tiger Fern.

Plants that grow fast indoors. If your ferns are in hanging baskets you have to make conscious effort to water them. Its also a fast-grower as newly-planted plant cuttings will sprout new shoots in roughly over a months time. All those nicknames are.

It goes by other names like the rosary plant the chain of hearts the string of hearts hearts entangled and sweetheart vine. Bright but diffused light and regular watering. All these plants have similar requirements for care.

There is perhaps no other plant that can bring those warm tropical vibes to a space like the Areca Palm. Ferns are some of the fast-growing indoor plants. I bought two of these plants from LIDL and got tired of waiting for them to get bushy and full so I found a large pot and planted both of my Scheffs together.

The Ceropegia woodii also referred to as the rosary vine is a variety of this houseplant you can grow ASAP indoors. How Fast Does It Grow Per Year. Schefflera Plant The Schefflera is a fast growing plant and when grown indoors prefers indirect light.

Among the fast-growing are orange Chlorophytum Chlorophytum the many-faced dracaena Dracaena fatsia japonica Fatsia the elegant jacaranda Jacar√°nda and even the beloved ficus Benjamin Ficus Benjamin. You have to keep the soil moist with ferns if you want them to thrive. Philodendron plants contain species for every taste from fast-growing vining plants like the heart-leaf philodendron to bushier plants like Philodendron Xanadu.

Weeping fig is a large weeping houseplant that can clean toxins such as formaldehyde benzene and trichloroethylene out of the air. About three feet or more per year indoors. A native of Madagascar this plant can grow up to an impressive height of three meters ten feet indoors and it grows pretty fast during spring and summer.

These 20 indoor flowering plants from gardenias to geraniums are the easiest flowers to grow indoors if you pay attention to watering and access to sunlight. The wandering Jew is a common indoor vining plant that adds a lush vibe to any indoor space due to its vibrant purple foliage. This tall indoor plant has thin branches a light gray trunk and shiny leaves.

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