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I would prefer the Pro-Mix HP but it is not available where I buy. And pro mix Hp is perfect in the bale.

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Im growing in Sunshine Mix now after using Promix BX in the past.

Pro mix bx vs hp. Pro mix BX and HP have a starting pH of 55 and should be maintained between 55 to 58 for best nutrient absorption. Pro mix BX and Pro mix HP are two of my favorite mixes because they both contain Mycorrhizae and a starting charge of nutrients360ppm. I reviewed the ingredients and honestly couldnt see any difference between the two formulas.

My nursery supply has both and the HP is only a few dollars more per bale. I have been using Promix HP I was told forom the hydroponics store where I purchased it from that there is 100 no nutrients in it. Pro-mix bx biofungicide mycorrhizae pro-mix hp biofungicide mycorrhizae pro-mix brk biofungicide mycorrhizae pro-mix brk20 biofungicide mycorrhizae pro-mix bx biostimulant mycorrhizae pro-mix hp biostimulant mycorrhizae pro-mix hpcc mycorrhizae pro-mix mp mycorrhizae organik.

I thought the info would be good for the thread and I thought the same as you about the 55 ph or lower when I first got a bale. Sunshine mix 4 is just as good as pro mix HP for led growlights. Ive grown lots of trees in Miracle Grow potting soil and done well.

Promix HP has more perlite in it this allows it to dry out faster. I went and grabbed the BX and took back the HP because the HP has more pearlite in it which causes this mix to dry up faster which u dont want to be watering ur plant like every dayevery other day so under finding that out i went with the BX the bx has pearlite in it too just not as much as the HP and the bx has more fermaculite in it. Pro Mix BX is great for HPS or metal halide as it creates more heat so it could use the vermiculite to retain some water between feedings.

Compared to the retail line at Home Depot with only dolomite and a lower grade of peat. After I add the 3 part mix I Use PH down to make it 60. A detailed ingredient.

Probably not that big a difference. Its all on their site. So I flushed one of the plants and I tested the run off water for.

Replies 1 Views 3K. Is it OK to mix FFOF with HP Pro Mix. Just use pro mix HP HIGH POROSITY for all your growing needs under led.

Click to see full answer. Here in Canada I buy Pro-Mix from Home Depot Home Hardware or one of our many wonderful independent garden centers. Check out the Pro-Mix store locator to find a retailer near you.

PRO-MIX HP which stands for High Porosity has extra perlite in it to help with better drainage also has lower water retention. Pro Mix BX or HP. What is a good flush for pro mix.

In theory the HP formula should work very well with African Violets and other plants that prefer a porous growing medium. Just so what is in Pro Mix BX. From all of the forums Ive read it seems as though if I were to get pro mix BX it would be in the plants benefit to mix in dolomite lime perlite and earth worm castings.

Emoji1 emoji111 emoji111 Kings Indoor Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED Cree Pink Kush Blueberry Bruce Banger Fems Coco. Growers can benefit from the added vermiculite and pe. Promix BX has more vermiculite in it so it holds water longer.

If I were to go with the HP most forums dont say anything about added ingredients other than a couple forums which state the HP needs some extra dolomite lime. The Pro-Mix HP is supposed to be the ideal mix but other mixes can work as well. It all depends on your grow style.

The differences between the All-Purpose mix PRO-MIX BX and the High Porosity mix HP. Amazon also carries ProMix HP and ProMix BX the large bale types of promix soil. Ingredients purposes and how to use them.

Replies 26 Views 9K. Obviously if youre going to use Pro-Mix to start seeds you should choose a seeding mix or a potting and seeding mix. HP high porosity has a little more perlite than BX.

Ive also used Fafard 52 and now mostly Pro-Mix BX. I havent used the new Promix HPCC which is probably the one youd want it includes coco and other good stuff but with the old BX you had to mix in a significant amount of perlite to really make it work well for drainage and oxygen otherwise it held a bit too much water which could explain the fungus gnats. Some people add slow release nutrients in it so they only have to water thus they would probably prefer the Bx so they do not need to water as often.

Im using the General HYdroponics FloraGro Micro and bloom. Pro-Mix products are formulated for different functions like germination potting containers indoor cultivation and outdoor cultivation. The ProMix line clearly lists ingredients for all ProMix soil on product packaging and on their website.

Pro mix is a complete soil-less mix and may need to be fed after a few weeks. A general purpose peatperlite. And should or is there anything I can add in pro mix that would benefit my growing.

The agriculture bales and same label bags are higher quality mixes with the 2 limes and better grade peat. Pro mix hp with two tents one fir veg other for flowering. Pro-Mix MP Mycorrhizae Organik provides a potting mix.

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Now I have been having problems with the plants big time something is very wrong. The HP stands for High Porosity. People seem to happy with both.

Pro-Mix BX is the ultimate general purpose soil blend answering the needs of most growing applications. Well I made the drive up to Denver about 80 miles round trip only to discover they sold Premier Pro-Mix HP not BX. Curiosity got the better.

Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Email Share Link. Heres where you can find Pro-Mix online Professional Pro-Mix Series for seed starting Pro-Mix BX.

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