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If your cat has a foul breath it may be a sign of a dental abscess. If an oral issue is the problem you might notice other signs too.

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Ive only had her for 3 months and dont know her full history as she came from a cat rescue centre whod only had her a few days.

Swollen bottom lip cat. As concerned cats may be allergic to hair care products foods and environmental stimulants. Swollen lips in cats are usually caused by a condition called eosinophilic granuloma complex. In this case the swollen lip might be the last symptom you notice because dental issues are rarely without pain and your cat will likely do one or more of the following.

My cat she has a sore on her bottom lip. It has nothing to do with rodents however and is believed to be a hypersensitivity reaction to a contact allergen or a food or inhaled. Communities Cats Swollen bottom lip.

A dental abscess rotting tooth or infected gums could provoke the swelling in the lips or face. It is red and looks swollen. One of the slang terms for this swelling when it occurs on the lip is rodent ulcer because people used to associate it with catching mice.

According to WebMD a cat has swollen lips for an allergic reaction to pollen or inhaled allergens like antibiotics or heart medications. You cant rule out other reasons such as allergic reactions feline acne injuries or even dental problems. Indolent ulcers most commonly occur on the upper lips of cats.

In her article for Veterinary Partner Jan Bellows DVM explains that an abscessed or broken tooth or another infected sore in a cats mouth will cause swelling of the lips or face. When they occur on the lip it appears swollen. Remedies and treatment options will depend on the root cause.

Treatment with corticosteroids is usually simple cheap and effective. Today I have noticed that when she is laying down for a while and relaxed the swelling goes down a little but when she. If there is pain experienced your cat will try and fight you from touching or scratching that area.

The bottom lip of the pet can swell from squamous cell carcinoma more often it is of malignant type. We have put her on 2 rounds of antibiotics and the swelling seemed to disappear quickly but now does so without the medication. The affected part is relatively localised but the area gradually becomes larger.

My Cat Has A Swollen Lower Lip What Is The Cause And There Anything I Can Try At Home To Treat It Healthcare For Pets Here s why your cat lip is swollen pawtracks cat has swollen lower lip pictures included thecatsite online vet helps pet pa with feline eosinophilic granuloma complex vetlive what should i do about my cat s swollen lip and sneezing 1 year old cat has swollen lip thecatsite why. We also recently switched her to hypoallergenic. Each of these conditions.

Why is my cats lip swollen. Swollen chin caused by EGC The picture here is another version of EGC where the chin of a cat gets puffy and swollen. My vet seems unsure of what to do.

The rapid growth of malignant cells leads to swollen bottom lip in cats and lymph nodes swelling. There is a condition called the Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex which commonly affects young cats and results in a swollen upper or lower lip. They sent her home with some steroid medication.

Sometimes dental issues are behind a cats swollen bottom lip. My cat keeps getting a swollen bottom lip My cat keeps getting a swollen bottom lip and what looks like large graze on his cheek what might be causing this. There are many possible causes of a red spot on your pets lip.

Your cats swollen bottom lip could be caused by a dental abscess or other tooth problems. On the bring side its simple for vets to treat bumps that are caused by issues in the mouth compared to Eosinophilic Granuloma complex. Here is a link to an article about this condition.

In this case the animal is constantly flowing saliva non-healing ulcers appear on the mucous membrane of the mouth and a strong odor occurs. Sometimes a dental abscess an infected pocket in your cats gum or tooth rot will cause swelling that pushes the lip out. On Friday I took my two year old female Calico mix to the vets because her bottom lip is swollen.

This is likely something called a rodent ulcer. Kara McCarty El Segundo CA Replied on 04192011. The pain prevents the cat from eating smoothly and loss of appetite is obviously inevitable.

It is usually found in the region between the mid-line cleft. Any swelling with a whitish discharge on the gums or upper lip is a sign of cat ulcers. If your cat seems to be avoiding eating or having trouble eating that swollen lip could be a symptom of an underlying dental issue.

My cat gets frequent and sudden swelling on her face her bottom lip usually but today her cheek is swollen. Shes eating and acting normally still purring and loving her fuss. What can I do.

Last night when my 2 year old cat was looking up I noticed her bottom lip was red and swollen almost shiny in appearance but it doesnt look ulcerated like a sore just fat. The oral form of eosinophilic granulomas present as well-circumscribed firm masses or plaque like lesions on the tongue or roof of the mouth palate. Close Cats Community 403k Members Swollen bottom lip.

Dental abscesses broken teeth that got infected and alike would cause swelling in the lip. If you look closely you can see the swollen area of gum has a yellowish tinge from the eosinophils. An ulcer could also make the tongue swell.

These could include a traumatic lesion a bacterial infection a viral infection the beginning of a cancerous condition or potentially a condition called Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex which is an allergic reaction. Most cases are thought to be triggered by an allergy or by licking the skin when there are minute insect body parts such as flea parts on the fur. This is a chronic ulcerative area occurring on the lips usually where the skin joins the lining membrane of the mouth.

She appears very healthy otherwise except I rarely see her drink water.

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