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While Zoysias water needs are similar to a Red Fescue a quality that earns it a place on many a lawn-alternative list it fails to free its owners from. I live in Marietta GA where its usually hotdry Im looking to sod my front yard but dont know if I should lay down Zoysia Sod or Fescue Sod which is more popular in my subdivision.

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Zoysia grass does requires more maintenance than fescues and can be difficult to.

Zoysia vs fescue. Augustine in certain characteristics St. In our area of Georgia there are three types of grass that do wellfescue zoysia and Bermuda grass. Below are the steps I am thinking to perform one after the other.

Zoysia and fescue have completely different growth habits. Zoysia Sod vs Fescue Sod. So lets find how how our two contenders fare in this battle between Sir Walter Buffalo vs Empire Zoysia.

Only needs mowed once every 7 to 10 days because it grows much slower. Bermuda grass vs Fescue Grass. I like the.

Zoysiagrass is a warm-season grass while fescues such as the very popular tall fescue Festuca arundinacea are cool-season grasses. Would rather have brown zoysia grass in winter when almost all trees and plants rest than in summer when trees and most most are green and blooming. Augustine also has stronger traits than zoysia in some areas.

Very drought tolerant and only needs 13 the water of Fescue requires to keep it alive and green during the hot summer. Zoysia is a lower input grass than Bermuda or Fescue. Prefers Sun Tolerates Traffic Heat.

Zoysia grass is usually started from either sprigs plugs or sod because its seeds are of poor quality. Much time was spent reseeding fertilizing and watering fescue grass. If going with zoysia I would get a sod cutter and remove all the grass you currently have and sod it with zoysia.

While they may both be considered lawn grasses and share a few similarities here and there Bermuda grass and fescue grass are quite different. Augustine performs differently as they were bred at different times with varying goals in mind. Zoysia is most active during the summer while fescue tends to be more active during the spring and fall.

Zoysia grass tolerates more wear and drought conditions than fescue making zoysia a better choice for high traffic areas. So just wanting to try over seeding Zoysia on the existing Fescue lawn. In Lake Wylie without irrigation.

Each cultivar of zoysia and St. Sir Walter is a low thatch. Least amount of thatch.

While a thin layer of thatch can provide insulation against extreme temperatures and fluctuations in soil moisture thicker layers of thatch can heat up and dry out a lawn very quickly. NeedAdvice33 posted 07 September 2004 2036. Zoysia Sod vs Fescue Sod.

Zoysia is a much more dense turf far fewer problems with fungus loves the heat and sunshine never needs re-seeding can grow in poor soils much better and weed control is MUCH easier on the rare occasion that weeds are able to make a stand. Our lawn is now zoysia. Unlike Empire Zoysia Zeon is more tolerant of cold temperatures and is slower to brown in the Winter and quicker to green in the Springtime.

One of the biggest shortcomings of Zoysia grass is the time it takes to. Below is a table detailing the differences between these two types of turfgrass. You can mow zoysia at those heights but it looks better short.

If so seeding with the tall fescue would be easier than zoysia since its easily germinated if kept moist. Augustine comparisons from a generic perspective. Im sure fescue looks good in the spring and fall but you will never have nice grass in the heat.

Its green and healthy during the summer with less watering. I would have 100 zoysia. Zoysia is a warm-season grass which makes it.

Learn about these types of sod and which type may be ideal for your residential commercial or HOA property in Buckhead Vinings Smyrna and surrounding Atlanta area communities. Native to Asia Zoysia grass is typically used as a ground cover or grass substitute in Japanese or Zen style gardens. 1 Cut the Fescue to a max of 2 inches 2 Level the ground with top soil 5050 where ever needed 3 Aerate multiple times the entire lawn 4 Over seed the Zoysia seed 5 Put the few bags of lime and Scotts start up turf builder fertilizer 6 screenrake.

Having Zoysia grass means means less mowing and edging due to its slow growth. This results in a reduced carbon footprint that petrol-fueled and electrical gardening equipment generally contribute to. Although zoysia is stronger than St.

Zoysia is a yellowgreen grass that creeps low to the ground while fescue grows in tall deep-green bunches. Thatch can be a problem when it comes to your lawn. No plugging which will take extremely long time to fill in.

Is a warm-season grass that grows best in tropical climateswarm regions. As previously stated this blog discusses zoysia and St. Zeon is considered by many to be the premium grade of Zoysia and most turf types for that matter.

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It only requires 2 fertilizer applications per year any more and you will have thatch problems. Zeon is known for its deep green color similar to Fescue and offers a dense fine texture. As Sod they are both about the same price if Fescue isnt a bit higher.

Zoysia Sod vs Fescue Sod. Zoysia is also a low water user in terms of frequency of irrigation. Stepped into Zoysia grass lawn in Atlanta one year and feel in love with it.

In our first edition.

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